What are the quality inspections of cold storage projects?

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1. Quality inspection system: During the construction of the cold storage project, the project site headquarters adopts various pre-control measures for the construction staff, material staff, and construction technology of the project, and completes various inspection and acceptance systems to ensure that the project is on schedule and Complete the construction task according to the texture. Before the start of the project, the project department signs the project quality and safety agreement with the project manager in accordance with the requirements of the construction contract and bidding commitments, and the company’s functional departments supervise the implementation and conduct assessments. Construction workers of all types of work must undergo on-the-job training and hold certificates. Materials, semi-finished products, and finished products entering the construction site should have factory qualification certificates. Steel, cement, bricks, sand, etc. must be retested. Unqualified materials are not allowed to be used. , And the qualified materials can be used only after the representative of the construction unit has reviewed them. For all sub-projects, the project department must conduct self-inspection and fill in the self-inspection record before submitting for acceptance by the on-site command center. After passing the inspection, it shall be reported to the relevant competent unit for acceptance, and the next process shall not be carried out without acceptance. During the construction process, project positioning, gray line acceptance, steel and formwork sub-items of alkali projects, roofing, and ground project teams must notify the construction unit representative, supervisory unit, and quality inspection engineer in advance. The exploration, design, and quality inspection stations must be notified to participate together, and the project department and the company’s quality inspection department should supervise the construction operation on site, strictly control and check and accept the project. After the main project is completed and before the completion and acceptance, the project department should submit the project information in advance Report to the company’s chief engineer for review, and after the company’s quality inspection department has passed the assessment, it is re-examined and reported to the quality supervision station for verification.

2. Implementation of quality technical measures: In order to ensure municipal-level qualified projects, this project will be divided into specific inspection batches, sub-projects, sub-division (sub-division) projects, and a complete set of unit (sub-unit) projects. Acceptance record form to specifically implement uniform standards and professional acceptance specifications, and jointly check and accept project quality. The acceptance of the quality of the project shall comply with the “Uniform Standard for Construction Quality of Construction Engineering”, and there shall be no violation of mandatory provisions during the construction process. Establish an on-site quality management team headed by the project manager, earnestly implement the policy of “a century-old plan, quality first”, strengthen comprehensive quality awareness education, carry out technical training and on-the-job training activities, improve the quality awareness of all construction personnel, and ensure that the project reaches the city Class excellent engineering. Pay attention to the pre-construction preparation work. All relevant personnel should carefully study the relevant building construction codes and standards, fully prepare the drawings, understand the site design intentions, master the detailed structure, compile the sub-project construction process card, and guide each worker’s operation to achieve it. The operation is in accordance with the regulations, the construction is in accordance with the specifications, and the inspection is in accordance with the standards. Carefully do a good job of technical clarification and drawing review. The technicians should make detailed technical clarifications to the construction personnel so that each worker can clarify the quality requirements, master the operation essentials, eliminate common quality problems during the construction process, and ensure that everyone checks. The raw material inspection must be carried out carefully. The steel, cement, etc. must have a quality guarantee certificate and be sampled and re-tested according to the regulations. Only after they are qualified, they can be used in engineering. The design mix ratio of various strength grades of sulfur must be carefully determined. Send to the laboratory for maintenance in time. During the construction process, the system of “self-inspection, mutual inspection, and hand-over inspection” is strictly implemented, and the previous process has not been the company. ‘Inspection and acceptance must not be carried out in the next process of construction, especially the concealed project must be concealed after the inspection and acceptance by the design, construction, and quality supervision unit. Strengthen coordination and connection between work types. In the construction of the structure, water and electricity and other types of work are closely coordinated, and special personnel is assigned to check the expected positions of holes, embedded parts, etc., and follow up layer by layer without any omissions. All kinds of concealed pipes, trunkings, switch junction boxes, etc. should be laid before entering the decoration construction, and it is not allowed to gouge or open holes afterward. Strengthen the quality and technical supervision, implement model guidance, create model projects, and ensure the quality of the main body and decoration projects. Carry out quality contract management and strictly implement the quality reward and punishment system. Before entering the site, each type of work team must sign a construction contract with the project manager, clarify the requirements for excellence, implement heavy rewards and heavy penalties, use economic means to strengthen quality management, and resolutely exercise the “quality veto” right”. Carefully complete various construction records, and assign a special person to organize and keep various technical data to ensure that the real and complete quality assurance materials are submitted to the construction unit in a timely manner after the completion of the project.

3. Material inspection and test system: All civil engineering, hydropower installation materials, structural (accessory) parts, etc. must have quality certificates and prescribed retest inspection reports. They can be used in engineering after they meet the design requirements. Material sampling, structural alkali, and mortar testing Blocks must be witnessed by the supervision representative on site. Reliable measuring instruments should be installed on-site, and the 50m-long steel ruler, scale, level, theodolite, etc. should be verified by the metrological inspection department. The mixing of structural alkali and mortar should be accurately measured according to the mixing ratio to ensure the specified mixing time. After the concrete is formed, the curing should be strengthened to ensure that its strength meets the design requirements. Strengthen the coordination and connection between work types and processes. In the construction phase of the main structure, hydropower and other majors should closely cooperate with civil engineering. Before the beam and slab concrete is poured, the full-time quality inspector should check the reserved holes and the positions of the pre-embedded parts. Keep up with layers to prevent omissions, avoid grooving afterward, and affect structural safety. Adhere to the model to lead the way, control the construction quality according to the predetermined goals, set up standard model structures, interior decorations, and floor and ground model rooms on the site to formulate economic rewards and penalties with the construction team, implement high-quality and high-price, and improve the enthusiasm and work of the operators to create excellence Responsibility. Make all construction records carefully, and ask the relevant units for inspection and acceptance of hidden items such as structural steel bars on each floor in a timely manner. After the completion of each sub-project, the quality inspection and evaluation shall be carried out in a timely manner, and the collection and arrangement of various technical files shall be synchronized with the progress of the project. Obey the supervision and guidance of the owner and the supervisor, respect and adopt the correct opinions and suggestions of the owner and the supervisor, implement orders and prohibitions, cooperate with each other, and jointly control the quality of the project.

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