Raw Material Cold Storage

Raw Material Cold Storage

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Demand for raw material cold storage is soaring, and the cold storage facilities are at the heart of many booming industries, from the vegetable freezer that delivers cherries and oranges quickly to medical vaccine freezers for COVID-19.

According to Emergent Research, a vaccine pharmaceutical company, by 2007, the value of cold storage construction is expected to reach 186 grow by $100 million 14% annually.

When we talk about providing controlled temperature cold storage services, we need to optimize the temperature to properly store, prepare and send the raw materials. Without controlled temperatures, products will not be usable or degrade if they are not stored in the proper conditions. We need a raw material cold storage to fix it.


In fact, it is very important to keep raw materials cool or cold! Anything considered perishable will quickly lose its flavor and freshness if not stored at the proper temperature. In addition, prescription and over-the-counter medications contain ingredients that must be stored properly. If not stored at the proper temperature, medications can be problematic. This can have serious and harmful consequences for the patients who use them.


Core Competitiveness


Tailor-made Design

Dachang will promptly arrange professional technicians to make on-site measurements, combine the historical environmental factors of the actual location, and give customers the best suggestions and design solutions, so as to solve the customer's cold chain system needs in a one-stop manner.


Cistern Temperature

Cold storage is divided into four types according to the temperature in the storage, low-temperature storage, medium-temperature storage, high-temperature storage, and ultra-low-temperature storage. The storage temperature of fruit preservation storage is generally 0~5℃, 2~8℃, 5~11℃, and 7~12℃, The cold storage with the most suitable storage temperature can be determined according to the customer's storage needs.


Cold storage Quotation

The storage body of a small fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is generally 15-20m², which can store 5-7 tons of fruit, and the investment is about 30,000 yuan. The main consumables of the cold storage include units, insulation boards, air ducts, refrigerants, wires and control boxes, etc., while the custom-made fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is generally about 1,400~2,000 yuan m².


Fast Installation

After the two parties have agreed to make an appointment for the installation date and installation schedule in advance, the materials will enter the site at the specified time, and after the customer accepts the quality of all materials, the assembly can be implemented according to the predetermined plan.


After-sales Maintenance

7*24 hours to receive customer emails or messages, within 2 hours (normal working hours) to respond promptly to solve all kinds of a cold storage installation and cold storage usage problems encountered by customers. New customers can click on the consultation quotation in the navigation bar above or call +86 769 22282409.

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