Dachang offers an extensive range of high-performance wall insulated panels with a secret fix, wall-insulated systems that can work well vertically or horizontally on the wall. An enormous selection of external colors and coating options are available with a wide variety of finishes.

These high-performance wall panels are suitable for all building structures, including architecturally demanding facades as well. The PUR, PIR and monaurally rigid foam insulation core offers Thermo-insulating properties that remain for the lifetime of the building.

Wall insulation panels for construction are lightweight, and highly rigidity, saving external wall keel, board swimming can adjust; with tongue-and-groove technology, it can present a curtain wall effect; with waterproof groove design to improve roof drainage effect, low wind resistance pressure and wind suction, suitable for typhoon area. While ensuring the heat preservation effect of the building, it effectively reduces construction costs. For example, rock wool has better fire resistance performance.

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