Laboratory Doors

Laboratory Doors

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Laboratory Doors are surrounded by low-voltage and high-efficiency electric heaters to prevent the door fan, door frame, and ground from freezing. A control unit that can recognize the movement of a person approaching the door as an opening

Electric double-opening sliding doors are also equipped with manual and internal unlocking devices in case of power failure and malfunction. Good choice of electrical products, advanced and unique control design, with advanced structure, beautiful appearance, good sealing performance, flexible control, long service life, etc. Suitable for temperatures not less than -40 ° C indoor and outdoor temperature difference of more than 500 assembled cold storage, civil cold storage, and constant temperature workshop ° C, when the temperature of the air outside the library is greater than 80%, can also play a perfect insulation effect.

Type: Laboratory Doors

Max. Height: 3,600mm;

Max. Width: 3,200mm;

Thickness: 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm;

Automation: 220 V / 50 Hz;

Doorframe Material: Stainless Steel, Color Steel;

Door Leaves Material: Aluminum alloy (after anodization and anticorrosion treatment);

Insulation Material: High-performance thermal insulation and flame-retardant polyurethane(PU);

Sealing Material: TPE Rubber or Silica Gel; 

Heating Mode: The door frame and door leaf have heating wires, and power: 25-75W/m (configured according to operating temperature);

Transfer Mode: Rack and pinion transmission;

On/off control: Button, Drawstring(Standard), Remote control(Optional);

Safety Devices: Safety eye, Safe escape lock.


Core Competitiveness


Food Grade Safety Code

Polyurethane insulation panel has good sealing properties, blocking the natural loss of energy and achieving a wonderful effect of energy saving and power saving.


Safety Washers

Using advanced and high-quality units can quickly replace the thermal energy and refrigeration of the regional space, and keep it fresh and store in time.


Comprehensive Protection

Safety Eye can protect workers and goods in the right position when closing the cold storage door or Running into obstacles. Safe Escape Lock can help workers open the door inside by themselves when an unexpected situation happened.


Best Way to Move

The opening and closing of the cold storage door are stable, and maintenance-free, with low noise and long life.


Automatic Control

The operation of the automation, as well as the opening and closing speed, can be adapted to meet the customer's needs.

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