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Founded in 1992, DaChang is committed to providing professional one-stop energy-saving combined Cold Storage Panel, Wall Insulated Panel, Cold Storage Door, Walk-In Freezer for customers!

About DaChang

Dachang company upholds scientific production, operation and management concepts, concentrates on the research and development of refrigeration, heat preservation and energy saving technology, maintains close technical exchanges with well-known domestic universities, continuously improves production technology and R&D technology, and continues to lead in product performance and quality.

In the same industry, we can provide a full range of high-quality energy-saving Insulated Cold Storage Panel, Walk-In Freezer, Cold Storage Door, Wall Insulated Panel, Refrigeration Equipment and other high-quality products to satisfy customers. Among them, Dachang polyurethane cold storage insulation board is an efficient insulation material independently innovated, developed and produced by our company, and has successfully passed several national authoritative certifications and tests.

Dachang Thermal Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Guangdong Dachang) is in Dongguan, China, a famous international manufacturing city. It has a modern plant with an area of over 30,000m². It is the only one in Guangdong Province and the entire South China that has an annual output of 1 million square meters. Continuous cold storage board production line and a polyurethane insulation board manufacturer with an annual output of 500,000 m² non-continuous production line.

Guangxi Dachang Thermal Insulation Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Guangxi Dachang) is in the special experimental zone of Guangdong-Guangxi cooperation in Wuzhou, Guangxi. The factory covers an area of over 24,000m². It has set up two fully automatic production lines and supporting workshops to produce cold storage panels and building panels. Industrial doors and other products.


Efficient and Safe

Reliable and energy efficient solution.


Low Cost

Long service life, low operation and maintenance cost.



Comply with international refrigerant and energy regulations.


Wide Application

Suitable for all types of industrial products for constant temperature or refrigeration requirements.

Cold Storage Panel

Insulated Cold Storage Panels are what we usually call polyurethane cold storage board. We base polyurethane cold storage insulation panels on the requirements of users or specific projects. We use polyurethane foam as a sandwich board as an insulation material. This insulation material It is now the most common insulation material in large and medium-sized cold storage.

Cold Storage Door

Cold Storage Door refers to the door that is installed in cold storage equipment, freezer warehouse and other refrigerated environment equipment to keep heat preservation and airtight. The cold storage door adopts a high-strength aluminum alloy profile door frame, which has high strength, no deformation, beautiful appearance, and durable; We seamlessly welded the door leaf with 2.0mm stainless steel edging, sturdy and durable, no deformation, and reasonable structure.

Walk-in Refrigerator

Walk-In Freezer is a new type of cold storage mode. It replaces the original construction mode and operation mode of cold storage buildings with new architectural concepts such as standardization, modularization, and factorization. Different tonnages, modular combinations, and sufficient It meets the needs of deep processing of agricultural products, fine processing of food, and freezing and cold storage.

Wall Insulated Panel

Wall Insulated Panels, also called building exterior wall decoration integrated board. We made it of polymer mortar, glass fiber mesh cloth, flame-retardant molded polystyrene foam board (EPS) or extruded board (XPS) and other materials. Factory production and on-site bonding construction meet the current building energy-saving requirements, the preferred material to improve the external wall insulation level of industrial and civil buildings, and also the preferred material for energy-saving renovation of existing buildings.

China Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Expert

Over 20 years of production and construction experience has created a group of skilled and rigorous teams of Dachang Company. With continuous innovation of technical design and advanced manufacturing level, it has won extensive praise and an excellent reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. The company focuses on the future, attaches importance to technological innovation and personnel training, and actively explores and seeks common development with high-end intelligence.

  1. Management philosophy: technological innovation, excellent quality, perfect service, customer satisfaction.
  2. Business philosophy: pioneering and innovating, seeking development based on the market; high-quality and efficient, serving users with heart.
  3. Company goal: to provide customers with a perfect solution for one-stop combined cold storage and cold chain system.
  4. Talent concept: to realize the all-round development of employees and the company.
  5. Corporate philosophy positioning: to achieve the harmonization of the interests of customers, companies and individuals, and create value for the society.

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