50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

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50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels, also known as off-core hook panels, are specially designed for assembling small and medium-sized cold storage and other rooms and boxes that require insulation. Each prefabricated panel has a high-strength lock buried a

Specially designed corner T-plates can be easily combined with different storage capacities and temperature requirements of partitioned rooms, suites, or several conjoined cold storages or even storage groups. Within a certain module, the storage body can be freely changed in three directions: length, width, and height, and it can be expanded or reduced as needed, or the assembled panels can be disassembled and reinstalled in different places.

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Type:50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Approach: There is an eccentric locking hook device around the cold storage tray. The panel-to-panels are concave and convex, using a steel eccentric tension lock. The sealing strip makes the cold storage extremely airtight;

Panel Material: Color Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Sheet, Galvanized Sheet, etc.;


Length of Veneer: Up to 14 m;

Veneer Width:≤1,183 m;

Insulation Material: Polyurethane Foam;

Feature: Environment protection, Anti-corrosion, Flame retardant (self-extinguishing away from the fire), Moisture-proof, Good insulation performance, Freezing and thawing resistance, Sound-absorbing;

Fire Rating: B1; 

Application: The hook Type Cold Storage Panels can keep fresh fruits, vegetables, foods, seafood, dairy products, and other fast consumables. Also, they can use for small and medium-sized cold storage for refrigeration and freezing of livestock meat and aquatic products, and we can build the customizer mobile cold storage.


50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Configuration

Dachang cold storage panel is made of polyisocyanurate foam. The chemical reaction generates a six-membered ring molecular structure, which promotes the burning of coking into carbon, thus preventing the burning and spreading of flame, good flame penetration resistance, low smoke emission during the burning process, and overall improving the fire performance of cold storage insulation board. In the test video, at 8:43 minutes, we began to use a high-temperature torch directly spray flame on the exposed polyurethane insulation board. After hour-long high-temperature baking, the whole process of almost no smoke. At 9:43 minutes, check the back of the insulation board without any damage.

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Crimp Selection



Stainless Steel Plate


Color Steel Plate


Galvanized Steel


Salted Steel Plate


Embossed Aluminum Plate

Anti-slip Aluminum Plate3

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

There are four main selections for the compression ribs of the lock hook type polyurethane cold storage panel: low density (width: 6mm), mid-density (width: 15mm), high density (width: 295mm), and plain steel plate.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Application Scenarios

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Application Scenarios

Polyurethane cold storage panel has a wide range of applications. Dachang cold storage panels mainly adopt semi-automatic refrigeration methods to keep the fixed space at the stable temperature required on site. They can use for any place, like food factories, dairy plants, pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable warehouses, poultry and egg warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, blood stations, troops, etc.

And the 50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels mainly use for preservation equipment, and they keep the space temperature at about -5~8°C.

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Core Competitiveness

50mm Hook Type Cold Storage Panels Core Competitiveness

Energy saving

Polyurethane insulation board has good sealing properties, thereby blocking the natural loss of energy and achieving a good effect of energy saving and electricity saving.


Safe and Reliable

The use of advanced and high-quality units can quickly replace thermal energy and refrigerate the regional space, and keep it fresh and store it in time.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Humanized Design

Dachang polyurethane cold storage panels are simple to install, easy to operate, humanized in every aspect of the design, and can be quickly assembled by an ordinary person.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

High Utilization

The length of the single body of the hook type cold storage panel can be 14 meters, which minimizes the gap of the interface, and the appearance is more smooth and more beautiful.

Hook Type Cold Storage Panels

Private Custom

Dachang will customize and design for customers in detail according to the actual situation of the site and start with the actual needs of customers to give full play to the best performance of the cold storage board so that both parties can achieve a win-win situation.

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Base

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Base

The primary production base of Dachang cold storage insulation panels is in Dongguan, Guangdong-Dachang, Guangdong. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. It is the largest and most advanced PIR polyurethane cold storage thermal insulation board production base in South China. The principal business is cold storage panels, cold storage doors, walk-in refrigerators, and wall insulation boards. It can provide customers with socket type, hook type, arc-angle polyurethane insulation panel, metal sandwich insulation board, and industrial cold storage door, and it is the leader in cold storage, freezing, refrigeration, and prefabricated integrated energy-saving solutions building.

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Process

Polyurethane Cold Storage Panel Production Process

Dachang made hook type polyurethane cold storage panels using semi-automatic production. The production staff is all skilled workers with stable technology and strict operation under the drawings and detailed information.

  1. Uncoil Feeding: Laminate the prepared raw materials such as color steel, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet, and press them into a designated pattern, ready for feeding;

  2. Polyurethane Foaming: Put the prepared materials into the mold accurately and fix it, insert the hook fittings in advance according to the position of the drawing, and inject the polyurethane foaming agent at the same time;

  3. High-temperature Molding: Carry out high-temperature baking, and wait for the foam in the panel to foam fully;

  4. Drying and cooling: Use the aerial crane to place the whole board in a fixed position and wait for normal drying and cooling;

  5. Dismantle the mold: dismantle the outer layer mold of the board;

  6. Packing and transportation: stretch film all-inclusive board body, supplemented with a corner pad at each corner to avoid bumping the board body during transportation.

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