Meat Freezer

Meat Freezer

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Using a meat freezer to freeze and store meat is a scientific method of preservation. We also know it as meat cold storage, meat cold storage, frozen meat cold storage, and frozen meat cold storage. It is widely used in meat, poultry, and frozen meat proc

Retail and wholesale industry, including frozen meat, poultry, beef, lamb, pork, dog meat, chicken, duck, goose, and edible wild animal meat. Because of the high temperature of the weather-affected meat food, the meat food enzymes decompose, oxidize, and the growth and reproduction of microorganisms deteriorate. The low temperature of the meat freezer can control the decomposition of enzymes, slow down oxidation, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. The food is in a dormant state and maintains its original quality after several weeks or even months of production.


Meat cold storage is generally divided into high-temperature storage (0℃~15℃), medium-temperature storage (-18℃~0℃), low-temperature storage (-18℃~-28℃), quick freezing storage and various ultra-low temperature cold storages (-30 ℃- -80℃), or cold storage such as low temperature, constant temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity. The temperature of meat cold storage is generally designed to be -18℃~-23℃, which is a kind of low-temperature cold storage. The meat can be kept fresh for about 6 months. If you want to keep it for a longer time, you can design the cold storage temperature to be lower. Of course, the lower the temperature, the higher the cost of cold storage. Not only does the cost of building the cold storage rise, but the operation and maintenance cost of the cold storage will also rise accordingly.

Meat reaches a dormant state below -18°C and a low temperature below -23°C can prolong the preservation period. For example, meat food at -30°C will prolong the refrigeration period exponentially more than at -18°C. Pork is the most obvious. Moreover, the meat freezer can effectively reduce the dry consumption of meat and make the meat fresher. During the cold storage process, as the temperature decreases, the water in the meat continuously evaporates to the surface of the meat to form ice crystals. The weight of meat becomes lighter, which is called dry consumption. After quick-freezing of meat products, dry consumption can be reduced by about 3%, which greatly improves the freshness of meat products.

The shelf life of frozen meat is an empirical value, and we cannot derive the exact shelf life days from a mathematical function relationship based on the experimental results. Because there are many factors that affect the shelf life of meat products, including the level of microbial contamination, juice loss, changes in tissue texture, changes in product color, and water evaporation and dry consumption. The above are strict requirements for refrigerated storage temperature, day and night temperature fluctuation range of ±1℃, and room temperature conditions of ±1℃. If the above conditions cannot be met in actual production and operation, the storage temperature of frozen meat is -18℃ and below, and the storage and delivery is normal temperature, the recommended shelf life should not exceed 12 months.

Dachang Meat Freezer strictly controls the product quality under the group standard of the China Meat Association “Frozen Meat Refrigeration Specification”. It uses a world-class PIR insulation board, which is environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion, flame retardant (self-extinguishing from the fire), moisture-proof, and heat-preserving performance. Good, freeze-thaw resistance, and sound absorption, combined with an imported refrigeration unit and temperature control system, save electricity costs to the greatest extent and fully meet the needs of customers for meat transportation and storage.


Dachang recommends that the meat cooling conditions be divided into two stages:

The temperature is -10~ -15℃, the airflow rate is 1.5~3m/s, and the flow velocity is too fast to speed up the loss of water inside the flesh, and it is necessary to avoid blowing directly on the surface of the flesh as much as possible. After cooling for 1 to 4 hours, the surface of the flesh will form a layer of ice shell not only reduces dry consumption but also speeds up the cooling process (the thermal conductivity of ice is 4 times that of water);

The storage temperature is about -1℃, the airflow rate is 0.5~1.5m/s, cooling for 10~15h, so that the surface temperature gradually increases and the internal temperature gradually decreases, so that we balance the body temperature until the thermal center temperature reaches 4℃. The meat cooled by this method has excellent color, aroma, taste, and tenderness, which not only shortens the cooling time but also reduces dry consumption by 40% ~ 50%.

Meat refrigeration involves gradually putting meat in from time to time. After a period, the refrigerating temperature reaches -18℃, and the pickup is irregular and irregular. Therefore, Dachang Meat Freezer is designed before we store the meat. A temperature-controlled transition space to preserve the freshness of the meat.

Core Competitiveness


Tailor-made Design

Dachang will promptly arrange professional technicians to make on-site measurements, combine the historical environmental factors of the actual location, and give customers the best suggestions and design solutions, so as to solve the customer's cold chain system needs in a one-stop manner.


Cistern Temperature

Cold storage is divided into four types according to the temperature in the storage, low-temperature storage, medium-temperature storage, high-temperature storage, and ultra-low-temperature storage. The storage temperature of fruit preservation storage is generally 0~5℃, 2~8℃, 5~11℃, and 7~12℃, The cold storage with the most suitable storage temperature can be determined according to the customer's storage needs.


Cold storage Quotation

The storage body of a small fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is generally 15-20m², which can store 5-7 tons of fruit, and the investment is about 30,000 yuan. The main consumables of the cold storage include units, insulation boards, air ducts, refrigerants, wires and control boxes, etc., while the custom-made fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is generally about 1,400~2,000 yuan m².


Fast Installation

After the two parties have agreed to make an appointment for the installation date and installation schedule in advance, the materials will enter the site at the specified time, and after the customer accepts the quality of all materials, the assembly can be implemented according to the predetermined plan.


After-sales Maintenance

7*24 hours to receive customer emails or messages, within 2 hours (normal working hours) to respond promptly to solve all kinds of a cold storage installation and cold storage usage problems encountered by customers. New customers can click on the consultation quotation in the navigation bar above or call +86 769 22282409.

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