What are the precautions for air cooler maintenance?

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1. Since the fan of the wet curtain air cooler is of low-pressure type (both static and dynamic pressures are small), it is no longer possible to extend the pipe at the air outlet of the air cooler to send air over a long distance.

2. Before using the air cooler, please check the wet curtain and pool for debris, dust and other debris. It should be cleaned 1-2 times during the annual period of use. The water added to the pool should be tap water or other clean water.

3. If the wet curtain water supply is insufficient or uneven, check whether there is water shortage in the pool, whether the water pump is running, and whether the water supply pipeline and the water inlet of the pump, especially the small holes on the spray pipeline, are blocked, and check the spray pipe Whether the road is in the middle of the wet curtain. The normal spray height should be greater than 80mm.

4. If the control of the float valve of the air cooler fails and it is found that there is water shortage or overflow and dripping in the pool, it should be adjusted or replaced in time.

5. The fan is the heart of the wet curtain air cooler. If there is a failure, the power supply should be cut off immediately and an electrician should repair it in time. Pay attention to the ground wire during installation, and be careful when disassembling the impeller, so as not to deform the blade and collide with the box.

6. A single wet curtain air cooler is suitable for cooling a room of 70-100 square meters.

7. The circuit of the fan and water pump of the air cooler should be controlled centrally, and the control switch should be installed indoors.

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