How to choose the cold storage installation manufacturer?

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In recent years, due to the country’s encouraging policies, the vigorous development of large-scale cold storage construction and the construction of large-scale cold chain logistics centers has also greatly promoted the development of cold storage construction enterprises; this phenomenon has led to many cold storage installation manufacturers, and large, medium and small cold storage installation manufacturers have sprung up. Like emergence, the entire refrigeration industry is in full swing.

There are so many cold storage installation manufacturers, and they are still on the rise. At the same time, the professional level and service quality of these cold storage installation manufacturers are also uneven, which makes many friends who need to build cold storage in business anxious! ! ! Faced with so many cold storage installation manufacturers on the Internet, which cold storage project has good installation quality and high efficiency, which has rich experience and good after-sales service, how should I choose these cold storage installation manufacturers? In fact, as long as you grasp the following points, it is not difficult to choose an excellent and suitable service manufacturer.

First of all, like choosing other project engineering companies, we must first see whether the company is a regular company, which is very important. Check the business license, tax registration certificate, etc. You must pay attention to the registered capital of the business license. If your cold storage construction is a large project, such as an estimated investment of 7 million, then the company’s registered capital must reach at least 5 million yuan. Because the requirements of general large-scale projects are relatively high, the requirements for cold storage engineering builders are also relatively high. It’s best to go to the company’s site for an inspection and take a look at the company’s human resources. For example, if the company has many cold storage solution design experts, experienced cold storage installation engineers and so on. It proves that the company has abundant human resources and strong strength. Of course, this is also a necessary condition for a professional and qualified cold storage construction company.

Secondly, the cold storage engineering construction is a very professional engineering project, and the investment amount is more than tens of thousands of yuan, and some even tens of millions. Therefore, when we choose a cold storage builder, we must check the company’s cold storage construction qualifications to understand whether it has the relevant qualifications for cold storage construction. For example, if you want to build an ammonia cold storage, you need to ask the other party to issue a cold storage installation qualification certificate, etc. If it is a cold storage construction project that needs to be exported to a foreign country, you also need to change whether the company has relevant export qualifications, etc. If the certificates and qualifications are complete, it means that the company is a regular cold storage construction company, and then we can further understand the company, which requires us to check some cold storage project cases built by the company in the past, we can go Browse the company’s official website online and refer to past cold storage engineering cases to preliminarily judge whether the company’s cold storage construction level meets our requirements.

Finally, after a cold storage is installed and built, it cannot be operated permanently without subsequent maintenance and maintenance. A good after-sales service will always be the biggest trump card of a cold storage construction company, because no matter how good a cold storage is built, it is after all some mechanical equipment. Long-term operation has more or less problems of one kind or another, and having after-sales service that makes customers feel worry-free and considerate is the quality that a cold storage installation company should have. After examining the above conditions, we can also take advantage of the current Internet to understand the company’s customer reputation, etc., but we must not be confused by some false or bad comments on the Internet, and learn to judge whether the information is true or false. The best that suits us is the best. We must not ignore our own most real needs when choosing cold storage builders. In normal times, we can only better judge by knowing more about the relevant information and technical knowledge of the cold storage construction industry. Produce a cold storage installation manufacturer that suits our needs.

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