How is the seafood stored in the walk in freezer room?

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1. Introduction to seafood cold storage. In simple terms, seafood cold storage uses cold storage to store seafood and aquatic products. Since seafood needs to be stored at a low temperature, generally the temperature should be below -23 degrees Celsius, so seafood cold storage again It can be called a seafood freezer seafood quick-freezer, etc. Low temperature helps to maintain the original quality and flavor of seafood, and at the same time can greatly extend the fresh-keeping time of seafood. Generally speaking, it can extend the fresh-keeping time by about 3 to 6 months.

Second, the characteristics of seafood cold storage

1. Distribution range, mainly in the eastern coastal areas of my country, such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, etc., where seafood production is reduced, and there is also a greater demand for seafood preservation equipment, which can be stored on-site, and seafood cold storage is also Distributed in some seafood and aquatic product markets in our country, the seafood cold storage in these places is mainly used to extend the sales time of seafood.

2. Seafood cold storage has strict requirements on temperature. Generally, the most suitable temperature for keeping seafood is around -25°C, and it should be stabilized at this temperature. Sudden changes in temperature may cause seafood to rot and deteriorate because all seafood is in In a sealed environment, if it is not found in time, spoiled seafood may affect the quality of seafood in the entire cold storage, so temperature management is very important for seafood cold storage.

3. Seafood cold storage keeps fresh for a long time. The biggest feature of seafood cold storage is that it can preserve the umami taste of seafood for a long time, thereby increasing seafood sales time and increasing fishermen’s income, which can stagger the peak sales season and the off-season. Time sales increase the income level of fishermen.

Three, the seafood cold storage structure

Our seafood cold storage has the advantages of long service life, high quality, long warranty period, and moderate price, which can well meet the requirements of fishermen.

The facilities used in the structure of our seafood cold storage:

1. The polyurethane double-sided stainless steel color steel plate used in the refrigerator insulation board has two types of specifications of 100mm and 150mm. The insulation board has the advantages of good insulation effect, good sealing performance, high strength, lightweight, simple and convenient installation, etc. One of the good insulation materials for cold storage.

2. Cold storage compressors and units generally use foreign brand compressors, such as German Bitzer compressors, American Emerson Copeland compressors, French Meiyoule compressors, Hitachi compressors, etc. These compressors are of high quality, The after-sales service is perfect, which can well meet the cooling capacity requirements of seafood cold storage.

3. Seafood cold storage temperature control system: large seafood cold storage generally adopts PLC programming control, and the temperature and humidity can be set according to your own requirements; small seafood cold storage generally uses a microcomputer automatic control system, which is simple to operate and convenient to control, Can also be accompanied by SMS reminders to observe the internal temperature of the cold storage anytime and anywhere to ensure the safety of the stored seafood.

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