Maintenance of metal cold storage panels in Dachang

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The metal-faced sandwich panel must be handled carefully to avoid damage to the surface and ends. Be careful when using forklifts and cranes. It is forbidden to use steel cables for loading and unloading, and nylon slings are required. Nylon straps are more than 100 mm wide. When hoisting, keep them in a vertical position to ensure balance and prevent objects from slipping off. When hoisting, please be careful not to let the straps directly touch the board. The long box body is hoisted with a pole beam to ensure that the sling is in a vertical position.

Before installation, the board should be kept as much as possible in the factory packaging and should be stored indoors. If stacked outdoors, the stacking site should be flat, free of standing water, and no lifting equipment and heavy objects should pass through the sky. The height of the board should be 20cm with stows, and soft materials should be placed between the boards, the same model The boards are placed together, and each stack of boards should have an easily identifiable board type label, and cover with rainproof tarpaulin or build a simple shed to avoid direct sunlight, but ventilation must be ensured. Temporary enclosures should be set up on the stacking site to avoid unnecessary damage to the plates caused by people walking.

When handling the board, both ends should be lifted at the same time to avoid damage to the surface oxide film or coating. When installing the wall panel, only one panel can be lifted at a time, and a special fixture should be used to lift the wall panel at 2 points along the length of the wall panel. The lifting process should be carried out slowly and controlled with wind ropes to avoid collision with the installed wall panels. The protruding parts of the scaffold should be wrapped with soft materials.

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