What are the design essentials of fruit cold storage?

What are the design essentials of fruit cold storage?

The design of fruit cold storage should meet the technical requirements and hygienic requirements of fruit cold storage, so as to be advanced in technology, economical and reasonable, and safe and applicable. The main points of the design are as follows:

1. Build a database at the place of production. The cold storage location should be as close to the orchard as possible, and the terrain should be flat, the groundwater level is low, the transportation is convenient, and the supply of water and electricity should be guaranteed.

2. When determining the design plan, it is necessary to carry out economic and technical comparison and choose the best plan.

3. The enclosure structure of the warehouse should have good heat insulation, air insulation and moisture resistance. The ratio of the volume to the area of ​​the warehouse should be as large as possible.

4. Air or buffer room and rat-proof ditch should be arranged outside the warehouse door, and heat preservation and ventilation windows should be arranged.

5. The machine room should have good ventilation conditions, the transformer room should be set up near the machine room, the refrigeration equipment should be reasonably configured, and there should be safety, fire prevention, and alarm devices.

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