How to improve the utilization rate of cold storage?

How to improve the utilization rate of cold storage?

It is necessary to increase the utilization rate of cold storage, adjust the structure of storage products, and improve the level of automation and intelligence. Under the guidance of policies, after two years of intensive construction, most companies and experts have realized that my country is running too fast on the road of cold storage construction. Under such circumstances, what is the future development direction of my country’s cold storage?

“At present, the utilization rate of cold storage in our country is very low, some even only 50%. The current situation of “emphasizing construction and neglecting operation” exists in my country’s cold storage.

At present, the height of domestic cold storage is generally about 5 meters, but in actual operation, once the stacking height of items exceeds 3.2 meters, and the outer packaging is carton food, the packaging will be broken due to heavy pressure, deformation, moisture absorption, etc. The collapse phenomenon has led to a decline in food quality, resulting in greater economic losses, and this is especially true in cold storage without a shelf. “Idle cold storage is a huge waste of resources.”

Experience: “If the utilization rate of a cold storage can reach 80%, the operating conditions can be considered good. For the cold storage, the structure of the products in the warehouse must be adjusted to try to store more high-end products with higher value, such as medicines and Electronic products, etc., so that the profit of the cold storage will increase.

Save labor cost and improve safety factor. As an enterprise specializing in third-party logistics services, Mao Li, the general manager of operations of Yonggui Refrigeration Logistics Co., Ltd., raised another issue-the loss of employees.

“Improving the degree of automation and reducing the number of workers is a big problem facing companies. For seasonal industries, how to deploy manpower in the off-season and peak seasons is also a problem that requires serious consideration.

At present, most of the refrigeration devices of foreign cold storages adopt automatic control technology. A cold storage only needs 1 to 3 operators, and many cold storages basically realize that no one is on duty at night. Therefore, improving the level of automation is one of the inevitable directions for the future development of cold storage.

Experience: The task of solving automation falls on the shoulders of machinery manufacturers. “The development of the industry poses greater challenges to our logistics service providers and material handling equipment manufacturers.” Linde Forklift has developed electric counterbalanced forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric pallet stackers, and reach forklifts. , Picking trucks, narrow aisle forklifts and many other models.

In the future cold storage, there will be no forklifts. The use of forklifts to load and unload goods requires operators on the one hand and increases the cost of human resources. On the other hand, the constant opening and closing of doors will affect the temperature of the cold storage. The integrated cold storage in our plan is fully automated and controlled by the host computer in the whole process. “

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